"They Tried to Sue me for $75,000 - but I had VIDEO EVIDENCE! Now they have to pay me!"

Protect Yourself and Your Car Insurance with Crystal Clear Video

AutoCamHD is a top-rated HD dash cam that mounts instantly to your rear-view mirror making it 100% Legal

Yes, I Want To Get an AutoCamHD Now!

Legal Video Evidence
for Police Claims

  • HD 720P Video
  • Motion Detection
  • 14 Hours of Recording
  • Night Vision
  • 350° Rotating Camera

Monitor Everything In And Out Of Your Car 24/7!

Capture every little detail with the AutoCamHD. Leave your car unattended for hours without worrying about break-ins or possible hit and runs. When you have hours of HD video evidence, you’ll always be protected from false claims.

*Charging Cable Included in Package

Capture Footage as You Drive

Capture Footage Inside Your Car

Capture Seamless HD Video as You Drive.
Always be Prepared.

Check Out What Makes AutoCamHD So Effective


Automatic Start & Shut Off

Starts recording upon ignition & stops when ignition is turned off

Automatic Motion Detection

Automatic motion detection records even when you’re not in the car!

One Touch Photo Capture

Quickly snap a photo of the car’s license plate in front of you

HD 720p Video

Records 120° HD Wide Angle Video & Crystal Clear Audio

Night Vision

Automatically adjusts for different levels of light. Features exclusive night vision LEDs

14 Hours of Recording

View footage instantly on unit or download directly to your computer.

*Charging Cable Included in Package

Anyone Can Install this Product


Attach Your AutoCamHD Mirror

Simply attach AutoCamHD over your existing mirror

Turn on your AutoCamHD Device

Once installed, press the start button

Now You can Drive with Peace of Mind

You are now ready to go!

Our Customers Are Loving

349 Reviews

349 Reviews


Reviews (349)

Josh Verified Buyer


Good dash cam, especially for the price

I installed this dash cam because I usually have to park my car in a parking lot that has no security while I’m at work. I forgot it was even there because it just sits on top of my rear-view mirror. It’s nice to know I’ll have video evidence if something ever happens.

Sammy Verified Buyer


Official Autocam Was a total success!!!

Someone broke into my car while it was parked overnight in front of my very own house! Luckily, the AutoCamHD caught everything on video and the quality was amazing! Turns out, it was my very own neighbor! You can’t trust anyone these days. EVERYONE NEEDS THIS IN THEIR CAR!

Thelma Verified Buyer


dash cam

I noticed a long scratch on the side of my car. When I checked the video from my dash cam, I saw that my crazy ex had keyed my car! I had all the evidence to show the cops and he had to pay for it!

Chris Verified Buyer


We do love it.

It does its job as advertised. We do love it.

Susan Verified Buyer


Drivers can be crazy!

Just received and installed, It works great and the view is very clear. Thanks